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How to relieve itchy pubic hair - Tips & Solutions

You may be asking this question, but you should know you aren't alone. We get 100's of website visitors every single day who are looking for products and solutions for exactly this problem. It's pubic hair and ingrown hairs are very popular and here at Bushbalm we are trying to eliminate both problems. 

Itchy Pubic Hair

Why do we get itchy pubic hair? 

There are many reasons you could have itchy pubic hair, ranging from Eczema to simply razor burn. Finding an itch on your body isn't unusual, but there are certainly ways to minimize this occurrence. Below we will take you through some commons reasons you have itchy pubic hair, specifically revolving around hair removal (ie. shaving, waxing or sugaring). 

What can I do for itchy pubes?

3 Reasons for Pubic Hair Itch 

  1. New Pubic Hair Removal 
  2. Sensitive Skin 
  3. Dry Skin and Hair 

New Pubic Hair Removal Leading to Itch 

If you've ever removed your pubic hair, you'll know it can lead to irritation. This type of hair removal is very popular, but we all know can cause some itch. When you shave with a razor you get rid of the hair that is visible, but you aren't entirely removing all the hair. You're essentially just cutting off the top portion and the remaining hair follicles continue to grow underneath your skin. What causes the itch is often the irritation of these hair follicles. 

"By moisturizing your pubic hairs daily leading up to a shave you're hair follicles will be softer, which will cause the the hairs to be softer and more receptive to shaving = less itch of your pubic hair" 

Sensitive Skin Leading to Pubic Hair Itch 

It's not uncommon for us to have sensitive skin around our pubic region. This area tends to be hidden from the sun and is generally limited in your skincare routine. If you are someone who suffers from sensitive skin we have a skin and hair routine you can try to reduce itch and irritation of your pubic region. 

Skin & Hair Routine to Prevention Itchy Pubic Hair 

Step 1: Exfoliate your pubic region consistently. You can use our sugar based exfoliating scrub. 

Sugar scrub from Bushbalm to exfoliate intimate areas and legs


Step 2: Moisturize your pubic skin and hair. Our soothing pubic oils will help you soften that skin and hair to make it more receptive to shaving and waxing. 

Bermuda Bushbalm pubic oil to moisturize after shower

Step 3: Treat Ingrown Hairs and Razor Burn. Our Nude Ingrown Hair Serum will help treat that irritation after the fact and reduce the itch. Bushbalm pubic oil to relieve itchy area

Dry Pubic Hair & Skin 

If you go into a shave or wax with dry skin and hair you are looking at trouble. Always ensure you prepare the skin and hair, so it is receptive to shaving or waxing. We'd recommend moisturizing and exfoliating, as well as trimming the hairs to the hairs recommended by your waxer.  

Where to buy products for itchy pubic hair? 

You can find many products online that can help with itchy pubic hair, but we'd recommend sticking with products that are natural, non-comedogenic and alcohol free. It's really common to find surgically strong smelling products that treat this type of itch, but we'd recommend against it. Our lineup of pubic region products are tailored for this area and formulated to treat itchy pubic hair. 

Itchy Pubes Treatment


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