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How To Shave Your Pubic Hair

A simple question yet almost everyone has to ask it at one point in their life. The real question should be; "what's the most efficient way to shave your pubic hair?" Don't worry; I'm here to help! 

Step 1: Trim the forest

Depending on how long your pubes are, this could take a while. Make sure to trim your pubes to a reasonable length. I'd recommend using scissors or an electric razor or some sort. 

Step 2: Get those pubes moist and warm!

Commonly a missed step, but one of the most important. By shaving dry, you don't get the luxury of having your pubic hair soft and ready to be cut. Soft pubic hairs allow the razor to cut through with little restriction, as long as the blade is good and sharp. 


Step 3: Soap up or foam up!

Depending on preference and sensitivity, you can choose to shave with soap or shaving creme. If you decide to use soap, we'd recommend a Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar, as it will be softer on the skin. 


Step 4: Shave it!

From here, take your razor and softly (but firm enough) shave downward with the growth of the hairs. By shaving down, you put less irritation on the skin. You won't want to shave your pubic hair on a daily basis, as over shaving can cause bumps and irritation. 


Step 5: Apply Bushbalm™

Apply bushbalm oil after trimming your pubic hair

At this stage, your pubic hair is all gone, and you need to focus on the aftermath. To prevent ingrown hairs and soften the skin, apply Bushbalm™ to the pubic region. The essential oils will help keep your skin soft and reduce redness, making your downstairs open for business.

You're welcome,

Molly Metcalfe
Pubic Hair Specialist


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