The Booty Bundle

$60.00 CAD

The Booty Bundle

$60.00 CAD

This bundle is perfect for anyone looking to give their booty a little extra TLC, and really, who isn't? Treat your tush to a body firming cream, and enjoy the many benefits of dry brushing.

What's included

  1. One Nordic Dry Brush
  2. Tush The Body Firming Cream (Choose between 100ml or 200ml)

How to use

Use the Nordic Dry Brush on dry skin twice a week, before the shower. Start at your feet and brush upwards toward your heart, spending ample time on your bum - in a circular motion.

Use Tush Firming Cream daily. Gently rub in a circular motion right after the shower, when skin is most absorbent. This firming cream was made for the Tush specifically but safe to use anywhere skin needs an extra hydrating lift.


Using a natural bristle brush on your skin twice a week comes with a lot of benefits including removing dead skin cells, improving blood circulation, smoothing out cellulite, and of course exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Additionally, the process of dry brushing prepares the skin for receiving cream based moisturizers. Tush is packed with natural plant derived ingredients like coffea arabica seed, and brazilian nut seed oil that work hard to help tighten, firm, and keep skin feeling and looking refreshed.