Wholesale Beauty Program


Do you have a spa or storefront?

We've got a great wholesale program at Bushbalm™ Oil! We supply spas, beauty salons and boutique shops. Our product have high quality ingredients and packaging that flies off the shelves. As a business owner you need high quality products that sell fast. We're here to help! 

A few quotes from spa owners! 

- "It's SOOO easy to sell products this effective and beautiful!" 

- "We used to carry a really chemically ingrown hair roll, but we're so happy to replace it with the all natural Nude ingrown hair serum. Our clients are always wanting natural products first." 

- "The packaging is luxurious on our shelves and exactly what our clients are needing. We even carry the dry brush now!" 

- "We brought the full lineup of oils into our waxing spa and our clients are already consistent repeat buyers of the oils and scrubs." 


Bushbalm Wholesale Program

What are the common uses of Bushbalm™ products?  

  • Immediately after waxing or sugaring -- as well as the days following.  
  • Immediately after shaving (pubic area, underarms, beard, etc) 
  • On a daily basis to soften the skin and make sure it's ready for the next wax, shave, or sugar.
  • Bushbalm™ can be even used on the tips of your hairs to prevent split ends. 
  • Our scrubs are used for moisturizing and exfoliating 
  • The Nordic Dry Brush is used for exfoliating and detoxifying (hot seller right now) 

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What is the wholesale pricing structure?  

Our pricing structure is very competitive and we think you'll love it! At times we are on waiting lists for wholesale accounts, as we only have so many product available. 

Contact hello@bushbalm.com or fill out the form below to inquire about our wholesale pricing and wait list.