Say Goodbye
to Ingrown Hairs + Razor Burn

Our most powerful product yet , Roller Rescue Serum with AHA/BHA.

Reduces post-hair removal irritation

Stainless steel roll on applicator

100% Alcohol-free formula





The Results are Rolling In...


Experienced fewer
ingrown hairs and bumps after using.


Experienced instant cooling upon applying this product.


Agreed that they saw
noticeable results after using.

*Based on a 6-week consumer study with 29 participants

See the Proof

Tired of Ingrown Hairs + Razor Bumps?

Meet Roller Rescue —the best solution, at the best price!

Stainless Steel Rollerball

The first of its kind stainless steel
metal rollerball for cooling
sensation + easy application

100% Alcohol-Free

No alcohol, no compromises!
Ditch the discomfort caused by
alcohol-based products

Fast Acting Formula ft. AHA/BHA

Works to exfoliate, hydrate
+ energize skin while reducing
the appearance of redness

Only $26

For only $26 you can get
quality skincare, and amazing
results for an affordable price

32 Reviews

Roller Rescue Soothing
Serum with AHA/BHA

Formulated with AHA & BHA Roller Rescue is a fast acting serum that smooths, clears and cools with its stainless steel applicator.


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  • Magic Oil

    I haven’t had any ingrown hairs at all after shaving. I feel more confident in my own skin and can’t wait to show off in summer. I’ll be buying more of this. Thank you Bushbalm!

    Haley N.

    Verified Customer


    Bushbalm has helped me with preventing and soothing ingrown hairs! It makes my skin smoother than it’s ever been too, and has definitely helped me regain my confidence as a woman ❤️

    Darlene B.

    Verified Customer

    No Irritating Ingrowns

    I CANNOT believe how well this works!!! Better than my prescription cream!! I’m not an influencer, I didn’t get this for free or with any strings attached. Legit saw it on tiktok and purchased that day. Way to go, Bushbalm!!

    Tina W.

    Verified Customer

  • Worth Every Penny

    I love this treatment! I have had problems with irritation and ingrown hairs for a LONG time. I’m no longer afraid of shaving or wearing a swim suit!

    Kim K.

    Verified Customer


    Within a week I could already see a difference. I have tired multiple creams and or oils and it didn't even come close to helping me remove the dark spots from shaving. Thank you so much! Forever a customer.

    Jennifer H.

    Verified Customer

    Very Hydrating

    I could not believe the difference after only one use. So soft & minimal irritation. Smells great, feels so nice and cool, and am so glad its made with natural ingredients. Will definitely purchase again!!

    Latife M.

    Verified Customer

  • AMAZING!!!

    I can’t believe how this product allowed pores to unclog themselves. Ingrowns would just pop out on their own without painful squeezing and extracting. Amazing product, highly recommend.

    Haley N.

    Verified Customer

  • SO COOL - Literally

    I saw noticeable differences in my underarms and didn't experience as much irritation post shave. Bumps were fewer and smaller, and I was able to shave more frequently without having to wait for my skin to heal first!

    Darlene B.

    Verified Customer

  • Hydrogel Vajacial Mask

    My skin feels smoother, and softer, it looks brighter, and has reduced any post hair removal irritation. I feel confident and smooth. Thank you all so much for this opportunity and for creating another exceptional product!

    Tina W.

    Verified Customer

  • Unreal

    I have no words for this product. It was better than I could've ever imagined! Not only did I see a reduction in bumps and ingrown hairs, but hair removal became easier, less painful, and I experienced much less irritation afterwards than I normally would.

    Kim K.

    Verified Customer

  • Really nice

    I would recommend this product to EVERYBODY!! The formula is SO gentle (coming from someone w very sensitive skin), theres no harsh smell or burning like most ingrown or chemical exfoliants Ive tried. Truly a 10/10 product great product!

    Jennifer H.

    Verified Customer

  • Very hydrating

    Earlier this year I was dead set on getting laser hair removal on my bikini line so that I could feel confident year-round. With this product, I no longer think I need the laser!! It's wild how effective it is!

    Latife M.

    Verified Customer

We Put the Industry
Under a Microscope

QUALITY Skincare, Affordable prices

Stainless Steel Rollerball Applicator

Premium Stainless Steel

Smooth + Easy Application


Hygienic + Easy to Clean

Cooling Sensation

Rollerball Applicators

Standard Plastic

Trouble Dispensing

Not Eco-friendly

Prone to Bacteria

Neutral sensation

Want to Maximize Your Results?

Rated 4.8/5 Stars

The Ultimate Ingrown Hair Bundle

Boost your post-hair removal routine and experience the luxury of a vajacial from the comfort of your own home.

Kit Includes:

Roller Rescue Serum with AHA/BHA

Exfoliate + unclog pores for bright + smooth skin

Nude Ingrown Hair Oil

Help hydrate, soothe, and maintain healthy skin


Free shipping Over $50 I Easy Returns Within 30 Days

"I have been an avid Nude Ingrown Hair Oil user, and loved the product but the combination of Roller Rescue + Nude, blew me out of the water. I would recommend this duo to EVERYBODY!!"

- Consumer Study Participant

Roller to the Rescue

Roll With Confidence

Give Roller Rescue a spin and fall in love with these 4 key ingredients:

Glycolic Acid (AHA)

Exfoliates to visibly refine uneven texture.

Salicylic Acid (BHA)

Visibly brightens, smooths texture, and purifies.

Witch Hazel

A natural astringant and helps soothe and brighten skin.

Aloe Leaf Juice

Provides moisture + reduces the appearance of redness on skin

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