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Already seeing results after 3 days. My dark spots are getting lighter and lighter. Thank you for this amazing product and excellent customer service. Must buy for anyone who is suffering from black spots.


Best ever for dark spots!

I bought bushbalm scrub and oil together, and after one use I see results of using it. It helps to get lighten my spots. If anyone wants to make their skin flawless and no dark spots I highly recommend them to use scrub and oil together.


Love it!!!

I really see the benefits for dark spots in my groin area after shaving and any scars around that area have diminished!



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Dark Spot Treatment Oil

6 natural ingredients work together to break up the melanin pigments that cause dark spots, uneven skin tones, and hyperpigmentation.

Think bikini line scars, darkening underarms, ingrown hairs and more.

Dark Spot Treatment by Bushbalm


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Ingrown Hair & Razor Burn Treatment

Made from the highest quality of natural oils to ensure a soft and luxurious feeling on your skin. Nude is our signature barely-there scent that leaves the skin feeling fresh and smelling clean. Adding Nude Oil to your daily skincare routine will quickly soften your skin and hair found in your most sensitive areas, and prevent and treat ingrown hairs at the same time.

Before & After Results


Dark Spot Treatment by Bushbalm
Before and After Bushbalm Oil
Bermuda Oil by Bushbalm
Bushbalm Before and After
Bushbalm Dark Spot Treatment
Bushbalm Before and After Image


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Dark Spot Exfoliating Scrub

Our Dark Spot Exfoliant contains lemon essential and tea tree oil to help treat and soften dark spots. In addition, you'll find our go-to antioxidant rich blend of Jojoba and Grapeseed oil to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.

For best results use this scrub 2-3 times a week in the shower. Make sure you are scheduling your exfoliating routine before getting a wax, shaving, or sugar hair removal appointment. Pair scrub with matching Dark Spot Treatment Oil.

Dark Spot Exfoliating Scrub
Dark Spot Scrub by Bushbalm
Bushbalm Dark Spot Scrub

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