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Ingrown hairs have met their match!

There's no denying we all get ingrown hairs and irritation. It's what you do to prepare your hair and skin that will make the difference! Bushbalm is formulated to soothe redness and irritation, as well as prevent ingrown hairs. Jojoba, Grapeseed, and Tea Tree combine to make the perfect oils for your most sensitive areas. 

We love our customers and they love us!  #BYEINGROWNS

Tired of bikini line redness?

Bushbalm's natural ingredients will help soothe redness, as well as prevent ingrown hairs. 

If you wax, shave, or sugar, you can worry no more! 

3 for $10 Samples

You'll get all three of our scents in 2ml bottles. This will give you an option to find out what scent suits you. While supplies last, so order today. 


I love this stuff! It smells great and it seems to help with dryness, redness and bumps. I'll probably buy it again.

It has helped a lot with my razor burn and the smell is super nice, and not too strong!

Couldn't be happier with the product. I have very sensitive skin and this didn't irritate me at all. I needed something to help after waxing, and I found it! 

I'd recommend Bushbalm to anyone! It's really made a big difference. I've added it to my morning routine and I don't think I can go back.

Benefits of Bushbalm

Why pubic oil? Good question, check these amazing benefits out!
Ingrown Hair Prevention

Tea tree oil has a significant number of antibacterial properties, due to its high terpene alcohol content. Since it helps prevent and repair ingrown hairs, it's a critical part of the Bushbalm recipe. 

Soft Soothing Oils

The highest quality Jojoba Oil is different than many oils, as it closely resembles sebum, a substance produced by our skin glands. Jojoba will act as a natural skin conditioner, due to this fact.

Reduce Redness and Irritaton

Since Bushbalm has carrier oils such as Jojoba, you can expect it to reduce redness of your most sensitive area. Our customers see results after 2 weeks.

Not sure? Try our sample 3 pack.

Sample 3 Pack
  • Only $10 CAD

    While supplies last, you can get our 3 pack for only $10. The three 2ml bottles should last you between 1 and 2 weeks and give you a sense of what is the perfect option for you! 

  • Easy Choice

    Are you struggling to find out what oil to buy? Get a sample 3 pack and try them all, then get your perfect oil! The 3 Pack comes with Bermuda, Sweet Escape, and Wilderness. 

  • All Kinds of Application

    Our oils help if you grow, sugar, wax, shave, or just trim. The oils will naturally soften your most sensitive areas; reducing irritation, ingrown hairs, and coarse hair. Some of our customers even use Bushbalm to soften their eyebrows. 

  • Trusted Reviews

    We have over 100 reviews from customers around the world. we've been featured on Narcity, Ottawa Life Magazine, and  Incredible Things. People love Bushbalm and we love them. Every order gets special treatment from the founders. 

Natural Ingredients, Incredible Results

For only $32 you can solve all your ingrown hair problems.