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Razor Burn

What Are Razor Bumps & Burn?

Razor burn and razor bumps are two different skin conditions that often occur at the same time. Razor burn is the result of an unpleasant interaction between the razor blade and your skin. Razor bumps, on the other hand, are ingrown hairs (click here to learn all about our ingrown hairs collection).

What Causes Razor Bumps & Burn?

  • Dull Razor
  • Lack of Proper Cleaning¬†
  • Dry skin

How To Treat Razor Bumps & Burn

To treat razor bumps and burn, remember PP: Prep and Pamper. We've created a regimen to ensure that you thoroughly prep and pamper your skin before & after hair removal:


Before hair removal, prep the skin with a deep clean. Throughout the day, dirt and oil will slowly but surely accumulate on the surface of the skin. When the pores are opened from hair removal, this 'debris' can seep into the skin causing a red and angry rash; otherwise known as the dreaded razor burn. Properly prepping the skin before hair removal will minimize the risk of irritation and infection.  

Step #1:
The Nordic Dry Brush will unclog your pores by sweeping away the dirt and oil that accumulates on the surface of the skin. Gently buff the skin (think legs, arms, tummy, tush, and bikini line) in an upward motion towards your heart. We recommend using this product 1-3 times a week (pre-shower) - depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Step #2: Trim
The Francesca Trimmer‚ĄĘ is an essential¬†step to minimize unnecessary friction during hair removal. The trimmer will cut the hair down to the optimal length so that your hair removal tool (i.e. waxing strips, razor etc.) does not tug on the skin.¬†Shave in the direction that the hair is growing. For the best results, use 1-2 times a week.

Step #3: Exfoliate
Made with all natural ingredients and essential oils, our sugar scrubs are designed to soften the skin before hair removal. No matter how you remove hair, smooth skin will limit tugging and minimize irritation while ultimately minimizes razor bumps and burn. We recommend using the scrub 2-3 times a week in the shower - depending on how sensitive your skin is. 


After hair removal, be sure to pamper your skin with a soothing moisturizer. A treatment oil will smoothen the skin, making it easier for growing hair to poke through the surface which will minimize the risk of razor bumps (ingrown hairs). 

Step #4: Treat
Our treatment oils were formulated to tackle your skin challenges, everywhere. When used daily on skin and hair, this oil will target and treat razor bumps and burn. For best results, apply an oil within the first two minutes of getting out of the shower. We recommend to use this product twice daily.

Step #5: Repeat
When it comes to preventing razor bumps and burn, consistency is key. Each product in this collection will work together to prep and pamper your skin so that you don't have to worry about razor bumps and burn.