Delaney Childs

Delaney's Dark Spot and Hyperpigmentation Essentials. Improve the look of dark spots, hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs down there and everywhere with Delaney's bikini line essentials.
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Say Goodbye to Dark Spots & Irritation

Plant Derived. Clean Ingredients.

"This is for anyone who struggles with unevenness, darkspots, and texture on their body. These are the only products that have ever made a difference for my skin. They’re also great for the bikini line, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, everything!"

- Delaney Childs

Gyno + Derm Approved

Get the results you want with the ingredients you need. We work with professionals and experts to formulate products your skin will love.

Our Results

At Bushbalm we focus on results. View our before and after gallery to see more result photos from real customers.
From dark spots to ingrown hairs, our product line is formulated to solve your most frustrating skin concerns.

Why Bushbalm?

Bushbalm was founded on the promise to solve ingrown hairs, razor burn and dark spots with natural products.

Our Focus

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Solve common skin concerns, everywhere.

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Use natural, or naturally derived ingredients.

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Formulate for all skin types.

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Do more of #1.

"This Oil & Exfoliant Saved My Bikini Line"

“Each of the Products Has Been Created to Take Care of Our Most Sensitive Areas That Have Been Largely Forgotten by Mainstream Beauty brands."

“Think Lusciously Scented Oil Blends and Scrubs Packed With Nourishing Ingredients Like Jojoba and Copaiba Oils”

“Their Result-Driven Collection of Products Targets Such Grievances as Ingrown Hair Revention, Dark Spot Treatment, and Razor Burn relief.”