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Trim & Treat Bundle

$99.00 CAD $111.00 CAD saving $12.00 CAD

Trim & Treat Bundle

$99.00 CAD $111.00 CAD saving $12.00 CAD

When you have the right tools and the right routine razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other skin irritations don't stand a chance.

Whether you trim, completely remove, or grow your body hair, The Francesca Trimmer™ is the perfect grooming accessory that can easily be used anywhere. Once you are done trimming, it's time to treat your skin and eliminate ingrown hairs with one of our soothing oils.

The Francesca Trimmer will change how you groom your body and pubic hair. Seriously! 

  • Use it in the shower
  • The battery lasts 5 hours 
  • Small enough for every area 

What's Included: 

  1. One Francesca Trimmer™ for close grooming and pre-wax or shave preparation
  2. A full-size oil of your choice (1FL OZ)