3 Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hairs | Solutions & Results

Here are my suggestions, which at times seem a bit strict or strange. 
Preface: I have Eczema, so I've chatted with my dermatologist a lot and have formed routines based on their suggestions for Eczema, which also happened to help me with ingrown hairs. 

1) The 2-minute rule 

I'm religious by this rule. When you shower, you must moisturize within 2 minutes of getting out of the shower. If you miss this window, the benefits go down significantly. When you get out of the shower, the pores are open and positioned to get moisture + be cleansed. This is where the Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Tea Tree Oil make big differences with Bushbalm™. The Jojoba will help moisturize the area significantly. It's fantastic for this. Due to the high terpene alcohol content in Tea Tree Oil, it will help with ingrown hairs. Grapeseed Oil is fast drying, so it will ensure the Jojoba oil soaks in promptly.

2) Don't use pump moisturizers ever.

This is a bit of a general rule for all moisturizing. Pump moisturizers mean there is water added, so it can be thin enough to pump. It's simply not helpful. Depending on the dryness of the area, Bushbalm™ is likely best 2 minutes after the shower and perhaps towards the end of your day. Some people will use a product called "Vaseline Deep Moisture". It's an incredible, low costing relief for my Eczema.

3) Don't wear tight underwear to bed - Naked, boxers, or loose shorts. 

This is a strange one, but my girlfriend does the boxers approach. She gets ingrown hairs periodically and this is something that's helped her. When you wear tight underwear the skin if directly rubbed on. The looser the option, the less likely you will experience irritation while sleeping. This won't necessarily help with preventing ingrown hairs, but it will help reduce the redness. 
All of the Bushbalm™ options will help, but I'd personally recommend our Nude Pubic Oil, as it's the simplest recipe containing the most Jojoba oil. All of them will work fine, but it's the most common for the most severe sensitive skin. 
Hope this helps! 
The Bushbalm™ Team

Option #4 --- Try Bushbalm™ Oil 

Bushbalm™ is 'Daily Pubic Care & Ingrown Hair Prevention' --- the natural vegan oils in Bushbalm™ help reduce redness, irritation, and soothe ingrown hairs. 

I'd recommend trying our $10 sample three pack, as it's a great deal, and it's an easy way to test our product without fully committing. 

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Ingredients and Benefits: 

1. Jojoba Oil --- Natural softens the skin and hairs. Similiar to our natural body oils. 

2. Grapeseed Oil --- Dries very quickly into the skin, so you don't have lingering oils. 

3. Tea Tree Oil --- The best oil for soothing and preventing ingrown hairs... naturally! 

4. Various essential oils --- Our essential oils range from Tangerine to Vanilla. You can also purchase Nude, the unscented option. 

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