5 Places to Use Our Viral Dark Spot Oil

This multi-purpose natural oil can help more than just the bikini line.

Bermuda Dark Spot Oil

5 Places to Use Our Viral Oil


Our Bermuda oil is great for whatever your grooming routine is.
Whether you wax, shave or let it grow, this oil helps to soothe and soften hair, and brighten the skin leaving your legs feeling smooth and revitalized.

Bikini Line

Bermuda Oil helps to replenish moisture, reduce redness, and hyperpigmentation for a bright + bump free bikini line.
For external use only.


For healthy brows - use Bermuda oil. It contains a ton of nourishing ingredients that will soften and condition the hair and skin, promoting healthier hair growth and giving your eyebrows a fuller, more defined look.


Pro Tip: Pair our dark spot oil with our sugar scrub!
Exfoliation is essential for moisturization and to prepare for shaving. It not only preps the skin but can help soften hair and improve the look of dark spots, hyperpigmentation,ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Upper Lip

Made with naturally derived ingredients, Bermuda is safe to use on the face.
Use this soothing and brightening oil on the upper lips, especially after hair removal. This will help brighten + soften the skin and allow hair follicles to grow back cleanly.

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