Benefits of Bushbalm

Bushbalm Skincare

5 Benefits of using Bushbalm Skincare

Reduces Redness and Irritation

Since Bushbalm has carrier oils such as Jojoba, you can expect it to reduce redness of your most sensitive area. Additionally, the Tea Tree Oil content will use natural properties to help with discomfort without the potential side effects of prescription or corticosteroids.

Bushbalm Skincare


Prevention of Ingrown Hairs

The Tea Tree Oil in Bushbalm will help prevent and treat ingrown hairs. Tea tree oil has a significant number of antibacterial properties, due to its high terpene alcohol content. Since it helps prevent and repair ingrown hairs, it's a critical part of the Bushbalm recipe. We want your hair down there to be smooth, and Tea Tree Oil helps! 

Natural Ingredients

The Bushbalm recipe uses all natural carrier and essential oils. The highest quality Jojoba Oil is different than many oils, as it closely resembles sebum, a substance produced by our skin glands. Jojoba will act as a natural skin conditioner, due to this fact. We took our time ensuring the product would be the highest quality, since it's in the most sensitive area. However, never forget to test for allergies! 



A Remarkable Smell

The essential oils, combined with Tea Tree Oil give a beautiful scent. It took us weeks to perfect our recipes, so you'd have the nicest smelling pubic region. Although you may have no scent now, Bushbalm will give you a soft, natural smelling area. 



  • Jojoba Oil 
  • Grapeseed Oil 
  • Various Essential Oils
  • Tea Tree Oil