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Send us a message at team@mybushbalm.com and we will be in touch shortly! Usually around 24-48 hours.

Mailing Address: 18 Louisa St. Suite 281 Ottawa, On, K1R 6Y6, Canada 


Can I track my order?

As soon as your order has been fulfilled, you will get a shipping notification with tracking details. If you have not received a tracking link, email team@mybushbalm.com and we will send it to you.

What are your shipping rates?

What is the shipping timeline?

Is it all natural ingredients?

What are the ingredients and why?

Does it help with ingrown hairs?

Does it matter if I wax or shave?

What if I have had laser hair removal?

Is it for men and women?

How does it help with redness and irritation?

How often should I apply the oil and how much?

What is the standard shelf life of Bushbalm Oils?

What is the difference between Nude and Sweet Escape?

Which product helps with dark spots?

Can I use Bushbalm while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Can I use Bushbalm on my face?