Intimate Refreshing Wipes

Perfectly designed for those on the go. Simply wipe and dispose!

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Refresh + Reset

At Bushbalm we believe your bikini line deserves best-in-class skincare too.

We've created a product that will instantly clean and refresh your skin.

Each pack comes with 15 individually packaged wipes, so you can be squeaky clean at any time.

Ingredients You Can Pronounce

10% Aloe Vera Juice

Helps provide skin with intense moisture to reduce the appearance of redness.

Chamomile Extract

Enhances suppleness of the skin, while soothing + balancing pH level.

Cucumber Extract

Helps to reduce the appearance of redness + dehydrated skin and provide moisture.

Oat Kernel Extract

Acts as a natural skin cleanser, removing dirt and helps nourish + moisturize skin leaving a soft after-feel

Your Bikini Line Skincare Experts

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