Kiss Ingrown Hairs Goodbye

Boost your skin confidence with our Valentine's Day lineup.

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The Feel Good Valentine's Day Routine

1. Set the mood

Whether you light a candle, take a steamy shower or throw on a robe - a calm environment will help you relax, feel at peace and get in the self-care mood before love day!
Pro-tip: Use our Spa Day Nourishing Body Wash in the shower to transport yourself to a spa with our signature mood-boosting scent of citrus and luxurious notes of eucalyptus.

2. Try a Vajacial

Freshen up with an at-home vajacial - perfect for post-hair removal or pre-play.
Watch an episode of your fave show, plan a date night, or take a quick nap while you let our Hydrogel Vajacial Mask work its magic.
Pro-Tip: We recommend shaving it all off before using the vajacial for optimal relaxation.

3. Turn Them on With Bushbalm

Boost your bedroom confidence with our best-smelling oils. 100's of women are applying Bushbalm to their bikini line before they get intimate.
Add a few drops onto clean skin and massage gently until it begins to absorb. For best results, apply the oils within 2 minutes of showering or bathing.


"Actual quote from my boyfriend! Not only does this product help prevent & sooth irritation and redness but it got high reviews even with recent application pre-tango!"

- Hayley N.


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