Where do you buy Pubic Oil in Canada?

What is Bushbalm™ Skincare? 

Bushbalm™ is the only skincare company in Canada that specifically targets the pubic and vulva region. Our product line consists of scrubs, oils and dry brushes. We are located and manufacture in Ottawa, Canada! 

Pubic Hair Oil in Canada

Are you looking for pubic hair oil or ingrown hair treatments in Canada? 

We are located in Ottawa, Canada and make high quality pubic oils, bikini scrubs

Pubic Hair Oil in Canada by Bushbalm

and exfoliating dry brushes. Whether you trim, groom, remove or let your garden grow, our products were created to take care of your most sensitive areas, including your pubic & vulva region. 

What are the benefits of Pubic Oil? 

Bushbalm™ oils are formulated with ingredients that closely resemble the healthy oils that your skin produces. By using the oils daily the skin becomes softer and more receptive to waxing and shaving. This leads to less ingrown hairs and redness. 

Shop at our Canadian Website: www.bushbalm.ca