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3 Step Routine: Ingrown Hairs, Bikini Bumps + KP
3 Step Routine: Ingrown Hairs, Bikini Bumps + KP
3 Step Routine: Ingrown Hairs, Bikini Bumps + KP
3 Step Routine: Ingrown Hairs, Bikini Bumps + KP
3 Step Routine: Ingrown Hairs, Bikini Bumps + KP
3 Step Routine: Ingrown Hairs, Bikini Bumps + KP

Sweet Escape

Ingrown Hairs + Razor Bump Minimizer Kit

3 Step Routine

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Made from the highest quality ingredients, this 3-step routine is formulated to leave skin hydrated and soft while reducing the appearance of ingrown hairs, razor burn, and bumps.

These products are all natural and safe to use on all skin types and everywhere on the body, even in the most intimate areas.

For best results, we recommend using our Soothing Oil daily, Exfoliating Scrub 2 to 3 times a week, and Dry Brush twice a week.

    1. Nordic Dry Brush

    stimulate + revitalize (10" Brush)

    2. Sweet Escape Exfoliating Scrub

    clear pores + hydrate (8 fl. oz. / 236 mL)

    3. Sweet Escape Ingrown Hair Oil

    soothe + soften (1 fl. oz. / 30 mL)

    Step 1

    Get the head-to-toe benefits that a dry brush has to offer when you brush before your shower or bath. The Nordic Dry Brush is a natural bristle brush made of sisal material that helps buff away dry skin, improves the look of cellulite and uneven skin texture.
    NOTE: Please do not use the dry brush in the shower. It's meant to be used dry!

    Step 2

    Treat yourself to a nice scrub to exfoliate and buff your skin for a radiant glow. Use this scrub 2-3 times a week in the shower.

    Step 3

    Use your soothing oil day + night. For best results apply within 2 minutes of showering when skin and hair is most absorbent.

    Recommended Areas

    Bikini line, underarms, legs, neck or anywhere else skin is experiencing ingrown hairs or razor burn and bumps.

    After one use

    Instant relief, exfoliation & hydration

    After 4-6 weeks

    A reduction in the appearance of ingrown hairs, razor bumps and rough bumpy skin.

    Before & After Before After

    Hero Ingredients

    Helps soften skin while increasing hydration and smoothness.

    Fresh and revitalizing, helps calms skin and reduces redness after inflammation.

    High in vitamin A & E and phenolic antioxidants, Grapeseed Oil infuses skin and body hair with intense, soothing moisture.

    Ingrown Hair Exfoliating Scrub
    Sugar, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Copaifera Reticulata Resin Oil, Citrus Tangerina Peel Oil, Vanillin

    Ingrown Hair Oil
    Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Copaifera Reticulata Resin Oil, Citrus Tangerina Peel Oil, Vanillin

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    Kim N.

    Solid products

    I LOVE the dry brush. It feels so amazing and you can feel how nice your skin is afterward. The exfoliating scrub also feels amazing after it gets worked in and I feel like it is a lot gentler on my skin than the glove I’ve used previously. It makes my skin feel so soft after. And lastly the ingrown oil. I love the smell, the way it softened my skin as well. But I’m not sure it works quite as well as I expected, though I probably need to try it longer. I get really bad ingrowns so am hoping for great things.

    United States United States

    This is GOLDEN

    I absolutely love this bundle and these products. I am so happy I went through with the purchase. I suffer with KP and ingrown hairs on the back of the thighs I bought this bundle along with a separate bundle of just the scrub and oil. And then I got two free items ! Another scrub and a **** cream so sweet! I only used this about 5 times. And I’ve already seen a HUGE difference on my legs. They’re so much smoother I don’t feel as many bumps and I feel more confident about wearing shorts or a dress because my legs don’t look bumpy or feel that way. THANK YOU FOR THESE PRODUCTS. Although I love each and everyone of them. I do feel they are a bit pricey for sizing but that’s the only small negative thing about it :) but I’d say worth the price but would be nice for it to be a little cheaper or make the sizes bigger for the price

    Geny M.
    Canada Canada

    Great products

    I give this product 4 stars, I’ve not been using it for a few weeks. The smell is amazing, the body scrub and the oil both have a really nice texture. I’ve been using the body scrub in the shower, and the oil once I get out of the shower - oh how my skin feels SO soft afterwards! The reason for not giving it 5 stars is because I still have razor bumps and irritation in certain areas after shaving, but I’m hoping this will change!

    Alexis P.
    United States United States

    Works on my sensitive skin

    The oil is very soothing after all of the abrasive exfoliating. The sugar scrub tends to crystalize after using it in the shower so make sure to keep the lid on tight. The scrub and oil smell so amazing. I noticed a decrease in ingrowns in just a couple weeks along with decreased redness overnight. Im definitely using this product after my waxing appointment!

    Canada Canada

    I love it! It really helped with my ingrown hairs and all the marks it caused. No more bikini bumps!

    3 Step Routine: Ingrown Hairs, Bikini Bumps + KP

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes of course. Just ensure the oil has been absorbed fully before applying your deodorant. We suggest you wait anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

    Yes. Our Sweet Escape Oil, and Scrub is 100% natural and is safe to be used anywhere on the body, externally of course.

    Both Nude and Sweet Escape Oil are great for preventing ingrown hairs, redness, irritation, and razor bumps. The main difference between the two is the scent. Nude has a light tea tree scent which is great for those with sensitive skin as it contains the least amount of ingredients. Sweet Escape, on the other hand, has a soft and sweet scent of tangerine and vanilla.

    Shedding is 100% part of the Dry Brush. Natural bristles are more porous than synthetic ones, making them softer, gentler, and non-irritating to the majority of skin types. Thus, they must be handled with more care, and cleaning them will take longer.