Why You Get Those Bumps On Your Armpits After Shaving or Waxing

Why You Get Those Bumps On Your Armpits After Shaving or Waxing

So you just shaved or waxed your armpits and you can't wait to raise your arms and flaunt your smooth skin...but you now have a bunch of tiny bumps, spots, and redness all over your underarms. Sound familiar?

Disclaimer: This is totally normal and honestly happens to pretty much everyone, BUT there are ways to quickly treat this, and even better - prevent it.

Here's what you need to be adding to your skincare, everywhere routine for quick underarm relief of razor burn, bumps, redness, and other skin irritations on your armpits.

Exfoliate often

We're talking 2-3 times a week in the shower with one of our natural sugar scrubs. They are super gentle, so if you don't have sensitive skin you can probably do this more often.


Bushbalm exfoliate your arm pit

Apply a Bushbalm™ Oil daily

Right after the shower when your skin is most absorbent make sure you gently rub some Nude Oil onto your armpits. It's especially important to do this after shaving or waxing. Trust us, there is a reason our Nude Oil is used and sold in over 150 waxing studios across North America.

 Bushbalm Ingrown Hair Oil

Ditch the razor

At least for as long as you can. Shaving your armpits every day is so hard on your skin. Consider letting your hair breath, grow, or just trim it using our Francesca Trimmer™ for close grooming and pre-wax preparation.

Bushbalm body hair trimmer

Treat ingrown hairs

Those bumps under your armpits could be a stubborn ingrown hair that won't come out. Apply our Nude Ingrown Hair Treatment Oil right on the spot and watch how quickly that ingrown hair comes to the surface! If you want to find out more on how to prevent ingrown hairs on your armpits, click here.

Bushbalm Nude Oil

Armpit hyperpigmentation

Are you noticing your armpits are getting dark, or do you have actual dark spots caused by hair removal or leftover ingrown hair scars? Our Bermuda Oil is a natural dark spot corrector that is a great way to lighten your armpits. This won't work overnight! You need to consistently apply Bermuda Oil.

Check out these before and after progress pictures. Do you still have questions or need help building a skincare routine for your armpits? Send an email to team@mybushbalm.com. We are more than happy to help!

Bushbalm hyperpigmentation on underarms