Sugaring Hair Removal Facts

Sugaring Hair Removal Facts

To kick this blog off, we wanted to let you know the team at Bushbalm™ is full of some risk averse individuals. We mostly take a risk when we are at a happy hour and grab a fancy cocktail. When it comes to skincare, we tend to lean towards natural products and getting professionals to help! 

What is sugaring hair removal? 

Body Sugaring is actually a historic art of removing hair naturally. It's created simply from sugar, lemon and water. The paste ends up being as thick as honey and can be molded easily. To remove hair, the paste is molded against your skin and pulled back quickly. This removes the sugaring paste, the hair, and collects dead skin cells. In the end your skin is left silky smooth, 100% naturally. 

How to make DYI sugaring paste

Making 100% natural sugaring paste can be done in only a few steps! 

  1. Get the ingredients
  2. Mix them
  3. Let it boil
  4. Remove it from heat 

That's the basics, but watch the video below for a detailed description. 

What is the difference between Sugaring and Waxing 

There are several differences, but the main point is that sugaring is 100% natural, requires no sticks or strips.

Here are a few other differences: 

  • Sugaring is generally better for sensitive skin. 
  • Waxes are made primarily of resins, which may be natural ingredients like beeswax, honey, and essential oils. However, in general you'll find artificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals, and preservatives in most of the waxing formulas. 

Why you should let the professionals do your sugaring 

Sugaring is a very personal thing, but we recommend going to see one of our trusted spas. An expert esthetician will be able to work with your skin no matter the sensitivities you may have. The last time I got sugared it was such a pleasant experience. The entire time I was comfortable and almost pain free! I go regularly and every time I go it's less painful. Take a look at some of our spa locations or find the nearest sugaring spa in your neighbourhood! 

How to care for your skin after a waxing or sugaring

Our soothing pubic hair oils are the perfect product for after you get waxed or sugared. You can simply apply a few drops of our Jojoba based oils to your pubic region and watch the soothing ingredients take charge!