Made in Canada Skincare Holiday Gift Guide

Made in Canada Skincare Holiday Gift Guide

Natural Skincare gifts for everywhere and everyone.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, meaning it’s time to make a list, add Bushbalm™ twice, and decide whose been naughty or nice. Given the year we have all lived through, and thinking about how different the holidays will look, any self-care gift for yourself or others seems like a no brainer. Plus, skincare is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only are you reminding someone to take care of themselves, you're also contributing to their healthy skin which will last much longer than an assorted box of chocolates.

So, here's your one-stop-shop Canadian made holiday gift guide to cross everyone (including yourself!) off that list and.

1) Sweet Escape Hydrating Oil 
Okay, so maybe you can't gift a loved one that vacation they so desperately need this year. What you can do is gift them a quick Sweet Escape for post-shower, and help them say goodbye to ingrown hairs and keep them smelling like a tropical island all winter long.


2) Nude Oil
Who doesn't want soft, smooth, bump-free, healthy skin, everywhere? Let's face it, everyone gets razor burn and ingrown hairs in the worst places. Think underarm ingrown hairs, bikini line ingrown hairs, etc. Nude Oil is our signature oil that is perfect for any skincare enthusiast in your life who thinks they have their routine locked and loaded. Wait until you introduce them to skincare for everywhere, including down there! *Mind blown*


3) Pumpkin Spice Pubic Oil
Know someone that is a sucker for luxurious smelling fragrances and packaging? Or someone who is a Starbucks PSL fanatic? This anti-inflammatory oil will help reduce redness, treat ingrown hairs, and keep both skin and hair soft. The benefits and smell alone make this oil the perfect unexpected present under the Christmas tree this year.


4) Bermuda Oil
Just go ahead and call yourself Santa because this oil is literally going to change the gift receiver's skin. Know someone who struggles with dark spots in sensitive areas, or has scarring from hair removal? This oil is literally magical, or shall we say - a Christmas miracle.

5) Nude Body Polish Scrub
Do you or someone you know live for their bath time ritual? If the answer is yes, then our Nude exfoliating scrub is the gift for them. Our Nude Exfoliating Scrub is gentle on sensitive areas and will leave you glowing after you are done in the bathtub. This scrub is oil-based so the texture is super soft but still powerful enough to remove all unwanted baggage aka your dead skin.

6) Nordic Dry Brush
Dry brushing is an essential energizing skin-detox step that you should definitely add to your weekly routine if you have not already. You use it on dry skin, before your shower or bath, one or two times a week. It's a great addition for anyone looking to step up their self-care routine.


Oops - did we just convince you to buy a 100% natural oil, body polish scrub, and a dry brush? No worries! We have the ultimate bundle available for the holidays. Add this Essential Bikini Line Kit to your cart, and get it under that tree. Your friends and family will thank you later.



All of our skincare products are made in Canada. Our team is based in Ottawa, Ontario. It means the world to us that you took the time to read our gift guide, and decided to shop local this holiday season!