Menopause and Skincare

Menopause and Skincare

Let’s talk about menopause. I understand the impulse to click off because odds are menopause may not apply to you just yet or ever.  However, it is worthwhile reminding you that almost every woman will go through menopause; whether it be your mother, sister, spouse, friend, neighbour, or even yourself in the future. 

Keep reading to learn about what menopause is, how it affects the skin and simple solutions to rejuvenate the skin. With this information you can help the women in your life by being understanding of the external changes the female body is going through and/or by gifting/recommending products to help the skin during this process. 

What is Menopause?

Menopause is the natural biological process that marks the end of a female’s menstrual cycle. The hormones in the body, particularly estrogen and progesterone, decrease significantly. This major hormonal change can take a toll on the skin.

What Happens to the Skin? 


    During and after menopause, the skin is more susceptible to drying out because the skin loses some ability to hold water.

    Solution: A great way to save the skin would be to use products that are pH balanced to restore the skin’s normal pH level.  

    Product Recommendations: We recommend the Bushbalm™ Sweet Escape Collection and Tush Cream. The Sweet Escape Line is packed with natural ingredients, including tangerine essential oil which has extra hydrating and rejuvenating properties that will give the skin an irresistibly smooth look and feel. The Tush Cream is an ultra rich cream infuses thirsty skin with natural ingredients for skin-plumping hydrations.



      During and after menopause, the skin loses collagen quickly. Collagen is the key to youthful-looking skin because it maintains the skin’s elasticity. As collagen levels drop, the skin begins to sag and will lose its firmness.

      Solution: Exfoliation is an easy and effective way to stimulate collagen. When the skin is exfoliated, it activates fibroblasts; fibroblasts are cells that are responsible for making collagen (to learn more about the process of fibroblast activation click here). Simply put, consistent body exfoliation can slow down the aging process by boosting collagen production throughout the entire body).

      Product Recommendation: We recommend working the Bushbalm™ Nordic Dry Brush and ultra hydrating sugar scrubs into your body care routine. Dry brushing can help improve circulation and boost skin regeneration. Each Bushbalm™ exfoliating scrub will naturally soften the skin and stimulate collagen levels. 


      Easily Irritated Skin

        As we age, the pH level in the skin changes and the skin becomes more sensitive. With this change, skin going through menopause can suffer from irritations, rashes and/or skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. 


        1. Use products that are pH balanced to restore the skin’s normal pH level.
        2. Use fragrance free products as they are typically less irritating on the skin. 

        Product Recommendations: We recommend the Bushbalm™ Nude Collection. Nude is our signature barely-there scent that minimizes irritation and leaves the skin feeling fresh and smelling clean.


        Age Spots and Enhanced Signs of Sun Damage

          Years of sun exposure (without protection) typically start to show through around this time. Dark spots and hyperpigmentation can start to appear on the face, hands, neck, arms and chest. 

          Solution: Use products that are designed to target and treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

           Product Recommendations: We recommend the Bushbalm™ Bermuda Collection. The products in this collection will reduce the appearance of dark spots and help prevent future occurrences of hyperpigmentation.