You Need Tush Cream

You Need Tush Cream

As some of you may already know, we have recently released our holy grail Tush Cream! This cream is designed to firm up your bum and give your skin a rejuvenated and perkier look. But if you don't take our word for it, listen to one of our devoted Bushbalm™ customers. She has graciously devoted her time to tell you why you need to add Tush Cream in your life.
Bushbalm Customer:

I first want to start by saying that there is nothing wrong with having cellulite, it’s a normal and natural feature and there should be no shame in that! That being said, I am a big advocate for women having ownership over how they want their body to look and any product/service that makes someone feel more confident gets five gold stars from me!  So, when Bushbalm, an all natural skincare line that specializes in ingrown hair prevention, sent me their new Tush cream, I was so excited to incorporate it into a little experimental body care routine.  

This is also the part where I should mention that while I love skincare for my face, I have never really thought about skincare other than body moisturizer.  This is in part due to business, laziness, and fear/confusion about how certain products would affect my hypersensitive skin.  Enter Bushbalm’s products. Other than my self-tanner (which is a necessity) everything that I am currently using on my body has come from Bushbalm, and my skin feels and looks amazing.  I knew there should be a place for the Tush cream in my newly-found shower care routine.  Like all skincare, you need to give everything an honest try, so every day for a week I did the exact same routine, and wow, I cannot rave enough about the difference an extra 7 minutes a day makes.

Current Body Care Routine

My shower routine actually starts before I even get in the shower, with Bushbalm’s Nordic Dry Brush.  If you’ve never tried dry brushing, I highly recommend investing in one, especially if you have bad circulation and run puffy due to inflammation like myself.   I use their Dry Brush all over my body (go towards the heart) to promote lymphatic drainage, circulation, and exfoliation.  On the topic of exfoliation, I use Bushbalm’s Sweet Escape Exfoliation Scrub every other shower basically all over my body, and I’ve noticed such a difference in the number of ingrown hairs I get and the overall brightness of my skin. Bushbalm’s Nude Oil is also now a daily product for me on my underarms, bikini, and legs.  Not only does it smell amazing, but my skin is also the softest it’s ever been with absolutely zero ingrown hairs and doesn’t cause any irritation at all. 

A New Addition: The Tush Cream 

If those products weren’t amazing enough, the Tush Cream is truly a game-changer for making your skin softer and working to hide your cellulite.   I will be the first to admit that I am skeptical of any product that promises to get rid of stretch marks, and would never think about buying one. While it’s marketed towards areas where you might have stretch marks, it also works as an all-around body moisturizer that really helps your skin feeling softer and tighter.  After 7 days of use, I noticed less visible stretch marks/cellulite, and just felt so much more confident about wearing a bathing suit in public.  The ingredient list, the scent, and its effectiveness make the Tush Cream easily one of the best moisturizers I’ve ever used, and I will definitely be buying another one. 


After the past week, I can honestly say I’ve had my eyes opened about how far just a little extra time to nourish your skin everywhere goes in terms of how it looks and how you feel.  I have no doubt that I will be buying more Bushbalm products as soon as I run out, and I’ve already placed another order for the Tush Cream!