The Easiest Way to Tighten Your Tush This Summer

The Easiest Way to Tighten Your Tush This Summer

It’s official—shot girl summer has arrived. Now that we’re vaxxed and waxed (or trimmed up around the edges #YouDoYou), we’re ready to get back to living. That’s right, patios are calling, and we couldn’t be happier to answer. And as temps keep rising, our penchant for stripping down keeps growing stronger. From the beach to the pool, we’re diving into summer bottoms up. 

Looking for the perfect companion to your itty-bitty bikini? Enter: Bushbalm’s new Tush Cream. Here’s why this bum lift in a bottle is all you need to get your tushy smoother, firmer, and lifted for summer.

Bushbalm Skincare

1. It's Packed with Plant-Based Ingredients that Tighten Skin

Tush is expertly crafted with coffea arabica seed, which naturally boosts collagen and elasticity—the key to firming and lifting. It’s also brimming with brazil nut oil which is rich with antioxidants that visibly tighten and tone. Precisely what your bottom needs by the pool, on the beach, and beyond.

Bushbalm Skincare Firming Cream

2. It's Luxuriously Creamy and Fast Absorbing 

This rich lotion feels decadent right out of the bottle. It’s smooth to the touch, and with just a few circular motions, it absorbs evenly, leaving skin silky and soft. Plus, its first-class formulation means that feeling will last long after it’s applied.

Bushbalm Skincare Firming Cream

3. It's Ultra Hydrating to Smooth and Soften Skin

When it comes to moisture, mango seed butter is the star of the show. It’s lightweight and smooth, melting into the skin for a visibly softer appearance. Other natural ingredients in the formulation, like jojoba and grape-seed, are full of antioxidants that help rejuvenate skin, promote cell turnover, and provide hydration—a win-win-win.

Bushbalm Skincare Tush

4. It Smells Like a Sweet Summer Day

The mark of a premium lotion is always scent, and Tush does not disappoint. With a fresh aroma of vanilla blossom and warm almond, this lotion will instantly transport you to a tropical island, even if you’re just relaxing in your backyard. Think of a summer vacation.

Bushbalm Tush Firming Cream

5. It's Safe to Use Anywhere (Even On Your Baby Bump)

The firming quality of Tush means it’s perfect for wherever your skin needs a hydrating lift. After using it to contour your booty, try it on your arms, legs, or lather it all over your baby bump for a healthy, radiant glow.

Bushbalm Skincare

These are just a some of the many reasons why Bushbalm’s new firming cream is the ultimate summer skincare essential.