How long do bikini line razor bumps last? Pointers to fix razor bumps overnight

How long do bikini line razor bumps last? Pointers to fix razor bumps overnight

If you are experiencing razor burn on your bikini line you aren't the only person. In fact, you'd actually be surprised how many others go through the exact same thing. This blog post will go over what razor burn is, why you get it and what you can do to combat it in the future specifically for your bikini line. 

What are razor bumps & razor burn? 

Razor burn is a skin condition that can occur after shaving your face, legs, or other body parts. The symptoms of razor burn include; redness, irritation, bumps and even ingrown hairs. It's often uncomfortable and can lead to not wanting to wear a bikini (if on the bikini line). Overall... razor burn is frustrating! 

What's the science behind getting razor burn? 

Shaving imposes a constant stress on the skin. There is something called our lipid barrier layer, which keeps moisture in the tissues and controls the entry of external chemicals into the deeper layers of the skin. When shaving you can compromise this layer, which results in dehydrated skin. 

Razor Burn and treatments

What can I do to prevent and treat razor burn overnight?  

Preventing Razor Burn 

To prevent razor burn we have a specific routine we find highly effective. It starts with our signature product Bushbalm™ Soothing Oils, which you can use every single day to help moisturize the skin and hair. By moisturizing daily you'll notice the skin and hair will soften. As a result, when you go to shave or wax your bikini line the hair will cut much easier, causing less stress to the lipid barrier layer. 

In addition to using our soothing oils daily, we'd recommend dry brushing your bikini line for 3-5 minutes prior to showering daily. This will help exfoliate your skin and make the lipid barrier layer stronger and more resilient. 

Dry Brushing your bikini line

Treating Razor Bumps Overnight 

If you get razor burn, you can treat it with a natural ingrown hair serum. We'd recommend using our Nude Oil for ingrown hairs, as it contains a higher percentage of Tea Tree oil to help soothe and clear up any razor burn you experience. 

Nude Oil for soothing razor burn

To conclude, razor burn is something you can get ahead of. By moisturizing, exfoliating and treating your razor burn you can make the skin stronger and more resilient. Eliminating razor burn on your bikini line is just as much treating it, as it is preventing it from happening in the first place. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Bushbalm™ Team