3 Techniques to Prevent and Treat Bikini Bumps and Razor Burn

3 Techniques to Prevent and Treat Bikini Bumps and Razor Burn

How to get rid of razor & bikini bumps

We hear it from our clients every single day. Razor burn and bikini bumps are a quick way to ruin your weekend at the beach. With this blog post we want to showcase some quick tips on how to prevent and treat razor bumps on your bikini line. 

Bikini Bumps Solutions

Option 1: Exfoliate your Bikini Bumps 

One way to treat and prevent bikini bumps is to exfoliate. We'd recommend exfoliating with a Sugar Scrub at least 3 times a week. This will help lead to softer skin, as you'll remove the dead skin cells leading to healthier skin overall. 

"I am loving this product so much! This scrub has left me softer than before, and has also reduced uneven red areas on my body. I totally recommend this product for anyone looking for an exfoliate that heals the body, and doesn’t leave your skin super dry like some other exfoliates. 5 stars for this awesome scrub!"

Bushbalm sugar srcub to prevent razor bumps and itchiness

Nude Exfoliating Sugar Scrub by Bushbalm™ 

Option 2: Moisturize your Razor Bumps 

To ensure your skin can heal properly, you'll want to moisturize your bikini line bumps. To do this moisturizing you'll want to use a non-comedogenic product that doesn't clog the pores. We'd recommend any of our soothing oils -- Nude, Sweet Escape and Bermuda. 

"I love the smell and the way it leaves my bikini area! I don't get razor bumps anymore and I feel silky smooth!" 

Bushbalm pubic oil to moisturize and avoid razor bumps

Option 3: Dry Brush your Bikini Line 

Our dry brush will help remove dead skin cells. It's been noted that as you grow older, your skin becomes less efficient at shedding layers of dead skin cells, which is why dry brushing is so effective. This will help lead to stronger healthier skin, which will lead to less bikini bumps. 

Dry brushing to avoid razor bumps and exfoliate dead skins