Why should you be exfoliating your bikini line

Why You Should Be Exfoliating Your Bikini Line

Exfoliating is important for healthy skin. This step will sweep away dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria from the surface of the skin to reveal a fresh, healthy, and supple layer of new skin. There are also studies that show that consistent body exfoliation can slow down the aging process by boosting collagen production throughout the entire body (if you're interested you can learn more here).

When it comes to the bikini area, exfoliation provides even more benefits! This blog will go over why exfoliating you should be exfoliating your bikini line 

Before we dive in, when we say down there we are talking about the vulva minus the entrance of the vagina. You should never exfoliate the inside of your vagina or put any cleansing products inside the vagina for that matter. Now that that's covered, let's get into it!

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Two major reasons you should exfoliate your bikini line 

1. Helps prevent skin concerns caused by hair removal 

2. Promotes overall skin health  

Close up images of an exfoliating scrub for your vag and bikini line

Prevents irritation around your vagina

Exfoliating is a crucial step to help prevent common skin concerns caused by hair removal, namely: razor burn, razor bumps, and itchy pubic hair. 

Razor Burn

Razor burn is the result of an unpleasant interaction between the razor blade, body hair, and skin. The symptoms of razor burn include; redness, irritation, discomfort, and stinging. Dry skin is a common cause of razor burn. When the skin lacks moisture, it can become rough. Dragging a razor on an already rough surface can aggravate the skin and lead to uncomfortable razor burn. 

Click here to learn more about how to prevent razor burn. 

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Razor Bumps

Razor bumps, also known as ingrown hairs, are hair strands that grow back into the skin, as opposed to growing up and through the skin’s surface. Ingrown hairs are often accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as redness, itching and even acne-like bumps. Razor bumps are typically caused by clogged pores. When the pore is clogged, the hair strand cannot break through the opening and instead will curl back down underneath the skin’s surface - causing an ingrown hair. 

Click here to learn how to get rid of razor bumps. 

The routine to exfoliate your vag in two steps

Itchy Pubic Hair  

Itchy pubic hair is a very frustrating yet common skin concern. Click here to learn more about how to relieve itchy pubic hair.

Two examples of exfoliating your bikini line and vag area


What’s worse? All of these skin concerns typically come as a package deal. But I have great news - exfoliating can help prevent and even treat all of these concerns! 

How Exfoliation Prevents Razor Burn Around Your Vagina

Exfoliating will prevent razor burn by softening the skin. When the skin is dry, it becomes very rough and easily irritated. The blade therefore has to tug and rub the skin to remove hair as opposed to gliding smoothly. This action creates micro-abrasions on the skin which can lead to razor burn. Restoring the skin’s moisture is important to ensure that the blade and the skin have the most gentle interaction. Using our Sweet Escape or Nude Exfoliating Scrub will soften the pubic skin and ensure that the blade glides along the skin with ease.

How people use a dry brush for exfoliating their bikini line and a sugar scrub combination

How Exfoliation Prevents Razor Bumps 

Exfoliation will prevent razor bumps by unclogging the pores and letting the hair follicles breathe. Exfoliating will remove dead skin and activate the skin's cell turnover process. Without proper exfoliation, your older skin cells can block up your pores. This can turn into ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are bad news because they can get infected and cause dark spots (click here to learn more about post inflammatory hyperpigmentation). 

Using a combination of nourishing ingredients and essential oils, our sugar scrubs will deep clean out your pores and promote normal regrowth.

How Exfoliation Prevents Itchy Pubic Hair 

Pubic hair is coarse, wiry, and curly. It’s thick texture can cause irritation to the skin as it begins to grow back. The skin will respond by itching. Exfoliating with any of the Bush Balm™ ultra-hydrating sugar scrubs help soften the skin and hair and allow the hair to grow back seamlessly without itching.

Exfoliating around your vagina promotes healthy skin

Even if you don’t remove skin down there, regular exfoliation is important for your skin and body's health. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin and clog the pores. By removing these your body is more receptive to lotions, moisturizers and oils. Exfoliation, whether it be with a dry brush, or sugar scrub, or both, will physically remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to let the pores breathe.

Exfoliating Before Waxing and Sugaring

Just like exfoliating before shaving, it’s also important to exfoliate before you wax or sugar. 

Apart from ingrown hairs, exfoliation before waxing is also suggested to help clear out the clogged pores and hair follicles to reduce the risk of rashes, redness and infection.

We asked licensed esthetician and owner of Wax Junkie Kimberly Avalos how often someone should exfoliate and how exfoliating can help prepare your skin for a Brazilian wax. According to Kimberly, “...exfoliation should be done 2-3 times a week, as well as nourishing and hydrating your skin and prepping your skin right before a Brazilian wax”.

Safe Exfoliators To Use Near Your Vagina

The bikini area is made up of very sensitive skin, so when it comes to choosing an exfoliator you should be very picky.

Types Of Exfoliators That Are Safe To Use on Your Vagina

Sugar based scrubs

Sugar-based scrubs are less abrasive than many other scrubs and dissolve easily in warm water. Using any one of the Bushbalm™ exfoliating scrubs will reveal a fresh, healthy, and supple layer of new skin. Our sugar scrubs will give your skin an irresistibly smooth look and feel.  Each scrub is packed with star ingredients like Jojoba Oil and Copaiba Oil which coat the skin to create a hydrating protective barrier to external agents.  

Dry Brush

Dry brushing your bikini area is a great way to buff away dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs. We asked Meaghan, licensed aesthetician and owner of Skin Studio Beauty Co., for some tips on how to use a dry brush along your bikini line:

“Dry brushing your bikini line is just as easy as dry brushing anywhere on your body...to begin, take your dry brush and turn it sideways instead of having it flat, work right along the bikini line until you get to the pubic bone area. Once you are there, work right across the pubic bone with quick small upwards strokes.” 

How to Exfoliate Your Bikini Line

When exfoliating your bikini line with the Nude Exfoliating Body Scrub, or the Sweet Escape Exfoliating Body Scrub, use your hands and work the scrub into the area. You should be using about a quarter amount of the sugar-based scrub and work in a small circular motion. Once you are done, rinse the area well. Do this after you've already cleaned the area. Once you are done, apply one of the Bushbalm™ soothing oils to help moisturize, keep skin soft, and prevent ingrown hairs.

What To Do Before You Exfoliate Your Bikini Line

Use A Vagina Safe pH Cleanser

A proper skincare, everywhere routine starts with proper preparation and clean skin. First, it’s extremely important to note that you should not clean your vagina. Your vagina is literally inside of your body, and it is a self-cleaning machine that does not require skincare products. What you can and should be cleaning is your vulva. The vulva is the outer part of the female genitals, like your labia (aka “lips”), clitoris, and clitoral hood. You can clean your vulva the same way you clean the rest of your body - just with a bit more caution and care. Here are some easy steps to follow next time you are cleaning down there, as well as a recommendation for what to use as a vaginal wash.

Click here to learn more about how to clean your vagina and vulva. 

What To Do After You Exfoliate Your Bikini Area

Apply Ingrown Hair Treatment Oil

It’s only natural to have skin irritations occur. From ingrown hairs to dark sots and razor burn around the bikini line. Gently massage a natural soothing oil to your bikini area after exfoliating, specifically on places where razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other skin irritations occur when removing hair. Try applying Nude Oil to reduce the appearance of bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs along the bikini line. 

How Can You Tell If A Personal Care Product Isn't Working Well With Your Body?

You should always do a small patch test before introducing any skincare product to your routine. According to a board certified aesthetician, Dr. Arumula, "prior to using a product, always test it in the crook of your arm (see above). If you do not form a reaction, this product will probably work well on your vulva. If you notice after switching products that you start to have vulvar or vaginal irritation, excessive discharge or foul-smelling odor, discontinue to product and call your gynecologist."